Our innovative thought leadership in social development and impact investment policy and practice is evidenced in the creation of the GreaterCapital / GreaterGood Group, one of the ten most trusted non-profits in South Africa, and in the establishment of the South African Impact Investing Network in 2009.  

We led the first convening of global actors and stakeholders committed to the growth of the impact investment sector. In 2011 we established the first publicly regulated social stock exchange board, creating Nexii and the Impact Exchange (iX), in partnership with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Since 2015, the Impact Trust has continued with its work from a more global base in both South Africa and the UK. In 2017, we established Routes to Resilience, our social enterprise which creates and delivers programmes to young people and work-seekers to help them develop the resilience they need to create brighter futures for themselves, for their communities and for the planet. 

In 2022 Routes to Resilience pursued a gifting model, incubating both Sustainability Matters and Evovida Routes and in 2023 Routes to Resilience merged with Activate Academy to form Five Trails Africa, a public benefit orgnaisation that continues to develop and gift training and support programmes for leadership and ecopreneurship in youth.

We continue to launch new initiatives to bridge the gaps that we find: in 2018, we began our work on resilience-building strategies for the workplace, and in 2023 we formed a collaborative with the Omega Resilience Funders Network to support funders and funding support organisations navigate the polcyrcisis. 

Time Line