"The gaps are the thing. The gaps are the spirit's one home, the altitudes and latitudes so dazzlingly spare and clean that the spirit can discover itself like a once-blind man unbound".
- Annie Dillard

At the Impact Trust, we seek to identify spaces of need and then innovate responsively and collaboratively, to bridge them in an effort to support the drive to resilient sustainability and sustainable development.

Our work is premised on the belief that multiple literacies sit at the heart of individual and community capacity for active civic engagement and collective resilience. We understand definitions of literacy that move beyond reading and writing; that includes dialogue, active and reflective listening, empathic responding and a willingness to engage in critical analysis of the representations of truth that guide meaning-making and underpin learning. These are the practices that generate social and emotional connection, develop authentic leadership, drive the enactment of citizenship, support strong democracies and contribute to hopeful, resilient and connected communities.

We seek to engage with stakeholders in ways that inform strategic and transformative change, inspire development and policy planning and ignite effective and catalytic development action. We advocate for commitment to better ways of living with ourselves, each other and the planet. And we strive to build systemic resilience by connecting communities, companies and capital for change. From individual livelihoods to purposeful collective action at the institutional, community or government level, we seek to bridge the gaps, supported by policy and practice research and applied programme design and testing.