Our mission is to forge pathways that catalyse and support the transition toward a just, resilient, and equitable world.

We believe in the power of collaborative action to create lasting change and collective resilience.

As an integrator in the field of social finance, philanthropy, social and environmental justice and development, we seek to contribute to bridging gaps between sectors and silos, mobilizing resources in ways that give agency to local solutions. We believe in this way we can promote collaboration, innovation, and impactful ways to navigate the polycrisis and build community climate resilience.

We take a systemic approach, collaborating with partners to support and design initiatives that drive ‘action on purpose’, translating intentions into impactful strategies that balance social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Our programmes span research, advocacy, philanthropic and high impact grantmaking strategies, program design and impact finance solutions to connect capital with sustainable solutions tailored to local community priorities across domains like education, conservation, poverty alleviation and climate justice.

Our expertise lies at the intersection of philanthropy, social finance, corporate social responsibility, health and environmental justice and ecological citizenship. For more than three decades our leadership team has been at the forefront of innovations in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. We bring this depth of expertise to all of our programs and collaborations.

Leading with ecological and systems literacy

Central to our work is the belief that a spectrum of literacies forms the core of individual and community capacities for active civic engagement and collective resilience. Societal transformation begins with fostering these diverse literacies which build the skills and capacities needed to navigate complex challenges.

Our understanding of literacy extends beyond traditional reading and writing, encompassing dialogue, active and reflective listening, empathic responding, and a commitment to critically analyse the representations of truth guiding meaning-making and learning. These practices foster social and emotional connections, nurture authentic leadership, drive the enactment of citizenship, bolster strong democracies, and contribute to the creation of hopeful, resilient, and connected communities.

We seek to foster collective thriving by responding innovatively and collaboratively to bridge existing gaps. This involves harnessing the power of in-depth research, advocacy based in rigours, evidence-based data and diverse perspectives, and strategic program and process design. Through these endeavours, we aim to cultivate conscious and collaborative leadership within the realms of innovative impact finance, philanthropy, and education.

We strive to root philanthropy and social finance in an ecological paradigm that provides a foundation for developing nurturing regenerative leadership and transformational practice across systems. Our learning circles, webinars and advisory services work to build connections, share practices, encourage contemplation and transform approaches to philanthropy and impact investment, attuning them to the needs of the time and the demands of the polycrisis.