Supporting deliberative dialogues wherever they might happen

How can we use our experience, spheres of influence, ideas, innovations, action, practice and partnerships to more effectively centre stage possibilities for a new regenerative design of the world post Covid?

The Impact Trust’s Conversations at the Crossroads series was initiated in May 2020 as the world negotiated the largest lockdown in living memory. The conversation series sought to engage and bring people together from all sectors and at all levels, to work collaboratively to explore and understand the experiences (positive and negative), creative ideas, innovations, practices and programmes that could provide a blueprint for a framework on how to emerge from Covid lockdowns and promote a more future-fit, balanced and holistically healthy environment for the wellbeing of people and planet. Outcomes of the conversations are expected at different levels: individual, organisational (for the institutions, organisations or companies represented) and at the systemic level by fostering change in the domestic contexts of the participants.

Rethinking our relationship with each other and with nature means not only rethinking our mindset around the economy and the way we live and work. It requires that we rethink – perhaps even reconstruct – our perspective about life in its totality: how we live it, how we support it, how we share it. We believe that this is the moment to co-create a new, shared narrative that collectively determines what is worth holding on to, and what we can let go of.

With a commitment to an open, inclusive society, these conversations strive to engage and reflect a diversity of views, voices and experiences in the hope that they will support, design, create, contest, challenge and regenerate a common future from our collective stories of meaning-making. In all the conversations we host or support, we encourage engagement with provocative perspectives that advance awkward questions by making available an accessible public platform to explore and reflect on the time we’re in and the impact of decisions we make going forward. Conversations at the Crossroads now supports various discussion platforms, including We Contain Multitudes and the OMEGA Network.

We Contain Multitudes has expanded to include regular open dialogues that take place on the third Thursday of each month. Visit to sign up and ensure you receive invitations and more information about each conversation as they form.