Programmes for youth on the cusp of change and the organisations that serve them

Our world is changing in a rapid, worrying way. Young people need real-world learning experiences to gain a lived understanding of the complexity and interconnectedness of our natural and social systems. It is at the meeting point of present global realities and tangible learning experiences that resilient, sustainability-minded and action-taking leaders are shaped. This ‘world readiness’ supports internal and community resilience and prepares them for the changing nature of the world in which we live and work.

This is the heartbeat of the Routes to Resilience programmes

The heartbeat of Routes to Resilience programmes is a curriculum developed by the Impact Trust in a unique collaboration between the Impact Trust, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in South Africa (CISL-SA) along with expert insight and contribution by sustainability leaders from around the globe. A programme built upon practical, real-world experiences. And a journey that unlocks potential.

Routes to Resilience programmes are accredited by the CPDSO and continue to enrich and enhance the learning experience and exposure to crucial areas of sustainability thinking.

In 2021 the Trust resolved to gift its tested and accredited content and resources to committed partners who want to be connected to a community of practice. We believe in this way we can bridge the gap between knowing and doing, between learning and life, equipping young people with the knowledge and skills to make more informed and inspired life and career choices. To this end the Trust incubated and supported the establishment of two social ventures: Sustainability Matters in South Africa and Ecovida Routes in the UK.

In 2023 a merger between Routes to Resilience and Activate Academy has resulted in Five Trails Africa further developing the content along with its econpreneurship and ecological intelligence leadership programmes.  The programme content remains available for gifting to interested and committed educators and youth development organisations. The Impact Trust continues to support Five Trails Africa, Ecovida Routes and others through its ongoing development and expertise in resilience thinking and sustainability leadership.

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