Our world is changing in a rapid, worrying way. The skills and knowledge that are needed to live in a manner that will help us thrive into a long future are more essential than ever before. Whilst developing resilience won’t prevent trauma or change from happening, and won’t prevent the challenges that arise from having to cope with that change, it will help develop the strategies and skills to manage ourselves and change. The more we use them, the more resilient we become.

Routes to Resilience is a social enterprise that was founded by the Impact Trust and exists now as an independent entity. It is a highly regarded provider of learning programmes and experiential encounters that help develop a resilience mindset in young people, helping them to develop a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between people and the planet and ensuring they have the knowledge to make sustainable life and career choices.

To learn more about or connect with Routes to Resilience, please visit their website at www.Routes2Resilience.org