The Resilience Funders Network is a membership-based affinity group of independent funders and funder support organisations seeking to reimagine philanthropy to address interconnected social, environmental, and economic crises.

Formed in 2016 by a group of funders focused on sustainability, justice, health, education, and related causes, the RFN was among the first to use the term “polycrisis” to convey the complex, multi-causal nature of today’s global challenges.

The RFN network facilitates collaboration grounded in diverse lived experiences and holistic worldviews. By working together in this way, our members can support multilayered actions tailored to the complexity of the polycrisis. The RFN falls under the auspices of Omega and Commonweal. The Impact Trust is the global partner for the RFN.

The RFN is a learning community for funders, philanthropists and individual donors supporting work that helps navigate the polycrisis wherever that may be happening.

There is no fee to join and you can register your interest and affiliation by completing the form here. As an RFN member you will be invited to events and webinars which may extend beyond ‘funder only’ conversations. These are open for attendance with clear rules of engagement that enable a safe space for all.