Our Past Work

Since 2011 we have been identifying the gaps between what we need to do, and what we can do, and innovating to fill them. Below you can discover some examples of the work we have undertaken with partners to help drive their impact and a more sustainable future.


Conversations at the Crossroads

Engaging with provocative perspectives that advance awkward questions at the Covid crossroads and offering an accessible public platform to explore and reflect on the time we’re in and the impact of decisions we make going forward. Conversations at the Crossroads now supports various discussion platforms, including the We Contain Multitudes Discussion forum and the OMEGA Resilience Project.

We Contain Multitudes

OMEGA Resilience Project


The Divestment Campaign – a just response to climate inaction

This report, commissioned by 350.org, considers the case for divestment from fossil fuels in South Africa and reflects on the barriers to change.

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Conducted in consultation with South Africa’s National Treasury, our research into tax and regulatory policy frameworks to support the growth of SMEs and social businesses in South Africa was included and approved in the 2013/2014 national budget and drove the formal establishment of the SiMODISA start-up entrepreneurs network.

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Model & Appetite for a Debt Fund to Support SME Lending in South Africa (USAID)

An assessment and analysis of the demand for and structure of an SME debt fund in South Africa, using the Credit Guarantee of a Global International Development Financing Institution. 

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Creating The Nexus for Impact Investing: a case study (Nexii)

A case study that takes an in-depth look at the ground-breaking work of Nexii, an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to establishing a social investment model beyond traditional philanthropy.

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Opportunities for Impact Investing in South Africa: Preliminary Findings (SAIIN)

Our seminal research into the market for impact investment in South Africa led to the creation of the South African Impact Investing Network.

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Convening at Bellagio to design a global social stock exchange

Our international review of the demand for and regulatory requirements for investment platforms to support social businesses led to the creation of the approved rules for a regulated impact investment exchange board with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

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Guide to Finance for Social Enterprises in South Africa (Greater Capital)

Developed by Greater Capital, this guide provides social entrepreneurs in South Africa with a detailed guide to securing finance in South Africa. Impact Trust Director, Tamzin Ractliffe, was the conceptual designer and a key contributor to this guide.

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