“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.” – Oliver Wendell

theCollab is an immersive multi-dimensional platform that strives to take collaborative engagement and learning to a new dimension. It aims to create f a ‘metaverse’ of solution seekers, social and environmental / climate activitists, education providers and changemakers. It is a space beyond walls within which to design, convene, collaborate and campaign in learning, unlearning and relearning for the needs of tomorrow. It’s new. It’s innovative and it’s being tested, co-created, iterated and improved.  So …. whilst it may not yet be seamless, its a great start and we would love you to join the first partners looking to find a new way of engaging in 2021.

The Four Dilemmas of our Time (21st April at 5.30pm BST). In a hybrid real life/online event hosted at Hilton College, Dr Gary Kendall will present his thought-provoking perspectives on why our collective reluctance to reconceptualise paradigms commits us to a future of growing systemic risk. Book here

The New Ism: Creating a better global system, together (21st April at 6pm BST). Mel Young (baby boomer) and Alexandra Matthews (millennial), the founders of The New Ism, discuss how to marry the wisdom and experience of older generations with the passion and energy of younger people to fight climate change. Book here

We Contain Multitudes: A youth-led conversation exploring eco-anxiety, eco-anger and the need for transformative change (22nd April at 5.30pm BST). Six young climate activists discuss their eco-emotions, caused by the climate crisis – and how they are harnessing those emotions to drive change. Book here.

Design & Pitch Sprint: hone your ideation, innovation and design solution skills (25th April at 2pm BST). This workshop hosted by Abi Steinberg and John Holtman is an opportunity to ideate,co-create and design solutions to complex problems, build confidence in public speaking, articulate your ideas clearly and meet others with a similar commitment to solution-seeking for good. Book here.

We look forward to seeing you later thsi month.

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