About us



There are gaps between the needs of people and of the planet.
There are gaps between what people know they need to do and what people know how to do.
There are gaps in our wanting to flourish and our actual flourishing.

At the Impact Trust, we seek to identify these gaps and innovate to bridge them.


The Impact Trust is a north-south public benefit organisation registered in the UK and South Africa. Committed to supporting the development of the multiple literacies that will help navigate societal transformation to a more sustainable, resilient future, we work collaboratively to research, design and advocate for programmes and strategies that connect the ‘want to’ and ‘need to’ with the ‘how to’.



We bring a diversity of tools to our work. Each is thoughtfully chosen to ensure that our partners and clients achieve their intended goals, and can quantify, qualify and tell the story of that impact.


Our team is agile, multidisciplinary and award-winning with an extensive track record in philanthropy, social development and entrepreneurship, impact investment, social finance, public sector policy and the private sector.


Our History

We have been innovating in social development and impact since 1997.