The Impact Trust is a north-south public benefit organisation registered in the UK and South Africa. Committed to supporting the development of the multiple literacies that will help navigate societal transformation to a more sustainable, resilient future, we work collaboratively to research, design and advocate for programmes and strategies that connect the ‘want to’ and ‘need to’ with the ‘how to’.


Inspiring Impact

Inspiration lies at the heart of creativity and innovation. It is fuelled by a deep connection to the heart, informed by an understanding of the interconnected challenges and shared and different viewpoints and perspectives. It is nurtured by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and by listening deeply to create a more collective intelligence.

The Impact Trust has a long history of inspiring innovation, convening conversations, collaborating and co-creating programmes for the greater good. We curate experiences, host thinking partner conversations and formulate policies and programmes that further personal and professional development practice in pursuit of sustainable development goals.

Our deep immersion learning journeys and shared thinking events foster a deep commitment to development and change in policy and practice. Outcomes are typically evidenced at all levels: individual, organisational and systemic.

Informing Insight

Knowing what difference you can, and are, making – personally or professionally – is crucial for sustained active engagement in change-making practice. Knowing what difference is needed to move us towards a more sustainable, resilient society is a lot harder.

Taking a systemic view, we work with you to design programmes and policies that offer shared, systemic benefits to stakeholders. Our Routes to Resilience initiative is a known provider of learning programmes and experiential encounters that help develop a resilience mindset. It delivers education and professional development programmes that give participants the foundational knowledge of sustainability principles to inform strategic initiatives. 

Informed insight requires an understanding of, and the ability to value, the social and environmental profit of your actions. We work with you to develop and implement holistic impact assessment services, both qualitative and quantitative.

Believing in the power of stories, we use them to bring to life the meaning and richness of qualitative change and provide personal and community narratives that offer a powerful means of both communicating and deeply listening. We also appreciate that it is as important to measure the nature, extent and scale of our impact on broader society. We do both.


Igniting Intention

The concept of a ‘value-action’ gap is well documented. Research shows that often, despite our best intentions and an authentic desire to commit to a purpose beyond our own gains, we don’t know what to do or how to start doing it. 

We work collaboratively with partners to define the what and strategically plan the how that will support ‘action on purpose’, and help you to manifest your intentional impact with an inspired strategy and practical plan to achieve measurable impact. 

Our own advocacy and research programmes are designed collaboratively with advisors and thought leaders in the field and intentionally look to inspire, inform and ignite action across stakeholders and sectors to inclusively and holistically address some of the complex, interconnected systemic challenges we face.