The Impact Trust is a registered Charity and public benefit organisation in England and Wales (Charity No. 1167011). Founded in South Africa by social entrepreneur Tamzin Ractliffe in 2011, and continuing in that region as Five Trails Africa, we bring together multifaceted and diverse teams to actively engage with stakeholders on initiatives that facilitate strategic and transformative change, inspire development and policy planning, and catalyse effective development action.


Inspiring Impact

Inspiration is the catalyst for creativity and innovation. At Impact Trust, we foster this inspiration by deepening relationship between head, heart and hands, understanding interconnected challenges, and embracing diverse perspectives. Our rich history of inspiring innovation includes curating experiences, hosting impactful conversations, formulating policies and designing tools and products that contribute to leadership action aligned with sustainable development goals. Our programme outcomes are evident at individual, organizational, and systemic levels.

Informing Insight

Understanding the impact we have is crucial for sustained engagement in change-making practices. Taking a systemic view, we collaborate in the design of programs and policies that offer shared, systemic benefits. And we provide holistic impact assessment support, both qualitative and quantitative, to give informed insight of the social and environmental contribution of your actions. Through the power of stories, we not only communicate qualitative change but also measure the nature, extent, and scale of our impact on broader society.


Igniting Intention

The concept of a 'value-action' gap is well-documented. Despite best intentions, the roadmap for meaningful action is often unclear. Through our advocacy and research programs, we collaborate strategically with partners to define the 'what' and plan the 'how to' ensuring we are able to move towards intentional impact.

We use the power of sensemaking stories of lived experience to communicate and bring qualitative change to life and regularly host interactive forums and seminars bringing together diverse leaders to collaborate on systemic challenges related to sustainability and social justice. Focused on learning by doing, our events seek to ignite heartfelt action.